Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage style garage doors have been all the rage in recent years. It’s a trend that most likely won’t be stopping any time soon. What then is the reason behind this idea? Why have traditional garage doors, which have been the only choice really, started to become less popular in some respects? Is the carriage style of garage door just overall better than the traditional style of garage door? It’s not that complicated of an issue, but the main thing is that it really depends on the situation. Many different people have different opinions on their garage doors so having one over another is a decision of aesthetics for some and a decision of function for others.

Garage doors are constantly being updated and improved upon or tweaked to become more efficient, easier to use or just more attractive to consumers. Carriage style garage doors are just one iteration of that improvement. Carriage style garage doors have a variety of differences between them and the more traditional style of garage door. Some of those differences might make the option more appealing for you or less appealing for you. Picking the style of garage door you want has a few different factors to really think about.

Carriage style garage doors have the unfortunate disadvantage of being made of basically one large cohesive piece, unlike traditional style garage doors. The large door compared to the garage door panels of the traditional style can make garage door repair much more cumbersome and costly. With a traditional style garage door you may need to just replace one garage door panel for a smaller more superficial garage door repair, whereas for the carriage style you’ll need to be replacing the whole for if it is the same sort of damage. This can become more costly very quickly if you are one who is at risk of doing damage to their garage door rather often. If your driveway is used for sports that get out of hand or if you have new drivers that might be you.

One of the main selling points for the carriage style garage door is the look. Everyone loves the look of that big old fashioned door, which just can’t quite be replicated by a traditional style of garage door. If you own a country style home or more old fashioned looking house, then a carriage style garage door might just be a great touch to the overall look. It could really bring things together for the exterior of your house.

Another thing to take into account with the traditional style of garage door and the carriage style is the actual way the two actually open and close. The traditional style of garage door works as you probably know, by rolling back into the garage. The carriage style on the other hand opens outwards in one whole piece. This can either be a pro or a con, depending on your situation. If you have a large garage with lots of overhead space that you’d like to use then the traditional style of garage door can actually hinder how you use that space by blocking it off whenever the garage door is opened. The carriage style of garage door though will let you use that space. If you have a small driveway or park cars in the driveway often then the carriage style of garage door might be a hindrance when it is opened.

Both styles have their pluses, the main thing is to do whichever works best for you. Taking a look at some of the differences is important to figuring out just which one is best for your situation in particular.